About The Pits

Dinosaurs. Aliens, enchanted tiki totems, time travel, Los Angeles, David Bowie, the Capital Records building, loving family-fun with a tinge of depression and divorce? What the hell is going on with this strip? Find out, daring reader! Weekly insanity...sometimes TWICE weekly insanity! MADNESS!!!

But really, it’s just something to do while I’m drunk.

About Scott
Scott St. Pierre

Scott St. Pierre is a founding member of Ten Ton Studios, whose many members have gone on to work for such companies as Disney, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, IDW and respectfully many others...none of which he himself has actually worked for.

But seriously. I grew up in New England, and have lived in a bunch of other places since then. Right now (and speaking in terms of income dependability) I’m a work-from-home photographer for an excellent electronic distributor headquartered in New Jersey, though I no longer live there. I’m married to a pretty damn wonderful woman with a great sense of humor. She is the first person I try to make laugh with these comics and also she’s a much more talented artist than I am. We have one kid together. He’s awesome.

Should the desire to know more about me bubble up from within check me out on Twitter and more frequently on Instagram, and also my personal blog at scottstpierre.com where I talk at various lengths about personal stuffs.

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