My Lettering

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve started hand lettering the strip (though still digitally) and I’ve got to say, I no longer hate my penmanship and at the same time it’s starting to feel a little less like I’m poorly trying to rip off Charles Schulz. The Peanuts inspired strip from a few months ago was a deliberate attempt at copying his work, but not holding my own work up to his seems to be helping find my own style.

Really what it is feels more like drawing letters, than writing down dialog and I don’t know why, and would never think this way about another cartoonist, but I personally feel like I’m “more” of a cartoonist now that I’m lettering the thing by myself, and not just choosing someone’s typeface. Doesn’t seem to take me much longer to letter a strip either. Maybe because I’m able to focus on it more?

That being said, I should have lettered this blog post. Would have been good practice. pfft.

The Move

Well…We haven’t moved into the new house yet. The asbestos problem is a bit more than we thought we could manage on our own, so we’re not going to be doing any managing at all. That is to say, we’ve hired a licensed contractor and in about 10 business days they’ll start work to remove it within the MA guidelines for proper asbestos abatement procedures.

My in-law’s, the saints that they are, have allowed us to occupy their furnished basement the entire time since we’ve landed back in MA. In-law’s, if you’re reading this…THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously, I don’t know if I seem as grateful as I feel, but you guys are just awesome. Thank you so much.

I was without a computer to letter the strip the first two weeks of being out here, which was a good thing as it forced me to hand-letter (still digitally, of course) the strip using my hand writing. It was fun. I got to create my own little brush for it and and everything, which I haven’t really had reason to do. I’ve done brush tweaks here and there, but never got to dig in and get dirty with the settings. Surprisingly, with the exception of my updating the strip HOURS later than I’m comfortable with, I’ve still been able to post it every Saturday since moving.

Lots of house work ahead, but i’m glad to be back at working my full time job too. Things are not normal yet, but when have they ever been?


The Pits is moving…

Just a heads up folks. There’s a big container in front of my house and we’re dragging our loot back across the country. I have a bunch of strips already completed and hopefully the move won’t affect the strip, but in the event it is you at least have my pitiful excuse to fall back on. 


     – Scott 

A webcomic by Scott St. Pierre